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Frank - The Mailman Delivers

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The Frank V. Cuiule Summer Classic Tennis Tournamnet sponsored by the Princeton Tennis Program is being held Saturday, July 11th.  While registration is closed, spectators are welcome to attend and watch some tennis starting at 9:00 a.m. at Veterans Park in Hamilton. 


Frank was born on August 2, 1924 in Trenton, NJ. His mother and father, Antonio and Cristina Cuiule, immigrated to America several years earlier from Calabria, Italy. Frank had two siblings, Vincent and Mary; both are diseased.


Frank grew up in the Chambersburg section of Trenton, and attended St Joachim’s Grade School. He later went on to Trenton High School and competed in baseball and basketball (Guard). In 1940, when new tennis courts were installed in nearby Chestnut Park, Frank first began playing the game that he loves best, Tennis.


After graduating from Trenton High School in 1942, Frank worked at the General Motors plant where bomber airplanes were manufactured for World War II.


Frank enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1944 and trained as a Signalman in the “Naval Armed Guard”. In April, 1945, Frank volunteered for a critical mission that placed him aboard the Naval Armed Guard crew of the SS Clovis Victory, a new Merchant Supply ship headed for battle across the Pacific in Okinawa, Japan where the Battle for Okinawa was in its fourth week. During this battle that lasted about two months, the SS Clovis Victory not only supplied crucial “smoke oil” to protect the many Naval vessels in the harbor during the many attacks by enemy Kamikaze planes, but the ship was also responsible for destroying two enemy planes and assisted in the destruction of three others.


Upon returning to the United States, Frank received a promotion to Quartermaster to recognize his contribution to the mission and his courage in battle. Frank’s ship later sailed to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii arriving in the harbor on the day of the announcement to celebrate the ending of World War II.


After the War, Frank returned home to Trenton and attended College briefly, and met Concetta (Connie) Belviso at a Church function. Frank joined the US Postal Service as a Postman, and later married Connie in 1948. They lived in Trenton, and later in Hamilton, and they had four children (Geri, Vincent, Frank and Jeff).


For the decades of the 1940s to the 1960s, Frank continued playing tennis and taught his sons how to play at Cadwalader Park and Trenton High School. It was in 1976 when Frank and his family moved to Hamilton Township in a home located across from Veterans Park, that Frank began playing the tennis on a daily basis. On the courts, Frank became known as the “Mailman”, and the expression, “the Mailman delivers” was often used by one of his many playing partners to describe a winning shot that he would hit.


Frank and Connie’s family continued to expand in 1980s when their grandchildren, Angela and Danielle were born, and they now have a great grandson named Vincenzo.


Frank retired from the Post Office in 2000, at the age of 75.  We believe he is the longest serving member of the Trenton Post Office. Since retiring, Frank’s devotion to the game of tennis is unrivaled. Weather permitting, Frank plays every day at Veterans Park throughout the year. Frank is very well known at Veterans Park, and was honored last summer at his 90th birthday party when more than 30 of his tennis-playing friends joined more than 30 other family and friends for the celebration.


Frank is admired and beloved by many both on and off the court, and was honored in 2014 by “Proclamation of the Mayor of Hamilton Township” for his contributions as a veteran, citizen and sportsman.


Although Frank is now in his 90s, that doesn’t seem to slowdown his tennis game. One of his longtime playing partners recently remarked that Frank’s game is “better than ever”. The game of tennis continues to bring much joy to Frank, and to the many people he has come to know and inspire along the way.


*Frank's biography was provided by the Princeton Tennis Program

**Photos of the 2015 Tournament added 7/12/2015